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Restore Vitality of Spirit and Body

The program aims to restore efficiency, stimulate the individual's own life forces. Through acupressure, moxibustion (warming certain points on the body with moxa cigars), the movement of life energy in the body is restored, and energy blocks are removed. In addition, treatment with hot Baikal stones stimulates the body's energy centers, beneficially affects the cardiovascular system, helps normalize blood pressure, relieve muscle and headaches, and reduce psychological tension. Stone therapy is an ancient and pleasant procedure. The effect depends on the temperature of the stones and the intensity of the massage. Some may want to completely relax and take a nap, while others may have great deeds awaiting them, which are always better to accomplish in a state of tonus. Vacuum therapy eliminates stagnation in the body. The value of the program lies in its ability to prevent possible illnesses by strengthening the immune system.

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