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Hypertension Treatment without Pills

Experience in Eastern medicine shows that hypertension can be successfully treated. Like any chronic condition, hypertension can only be corrected with constant and competent comprehensive therapy. Hypertension can develop according to the scenario of "heat" or the scenario of "cold". With a disorder of the Choleric constitution ("heat"), the liver releases endogenous toxins into the blood. This condition, known as "increased bad blood," leads to increased blood pressure. A disorder of the Phlegmatic constitution ("cold") occurs primarily due to improper diet and lifestyle. As a result, metabolism is disrupted, leading to obesity and "cold-blooded" diseases, including hypertension. In any case, a disorder of the nervous system (Wind constitution) leads to a sudden exacerbation of the disease. The treatise "Zhu Shi" states that Wind "dislodges the disease from its place." After treatment, patients experience not only stabilized blood pressure but also improved overall well-being, normalized weight, and increased vitality. A comprehensive approach to treatment helps prevent complications of hypertension.

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