One of the most effective methods of treatment in our clinic is phytotherapy. Phytotherapy is highly effective and proven for centuries as a traditional method of Oriental medicine in the fight against many diseases. The most important factor in the effectiveness of phytotherapy is that it has minimal side effects and contraindications, because the composition of herbal medicines used by our doctors, there are only natural products – herbs, minerals, juices and fruits of various plants. Herbal medicines in traditional oriental medicine (Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine) represent different tinctures, pills, extracts, elixirs, medicinal teas, scented candles, as well as specialized products for the health of women and men.


Phytotherapy has been used successfully in our clinic of Oriental medicine that includes Chinese Medicine Center and Tibetan Medicine Center for the treatment of respiratory diseases and urinary tract infections, heart disease, vascular diseases, psycho-vegetative disorders, depression, gynecological and urological diseases, metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders and various diseases of blood and digestion.

The advantage of using herbal medicines to pharmacological medicines consists in the fact that herbal medicines have an impact not only on a certain organ or system, but also have a concomitant beneficial effect on the entire human body as a whole.

Phytotherapy – is a complex treatment. All herbal medicines are combined with each other and not adversely affect the receiving of other preparations or medications. Treatment by phytotherapy can be as basic method as well to act in combination with other treatment methods of traditional oriental medicine, used in our clinic. 

As demonstrated our doctors practice, namely the phytotherapy combination with reflexology methods such as: acupuncture (reflexotherapy with needles), acupressure, auriculotherapy, heating (moxotherapy) stone therapy, vacuum massage, hirudotherapy and others offer the best results of treatment.


It should be noted that the use of herbal medicines has a treatment and recovery effect in action on the body, it strengthens the immune system, prolongs youth and beauty of our patients.


All herbal medicines used in the clinic “TibetMed” – are the only qualitative certified production of Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine. All our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of phytotherapy, which provide our patients’ high efficacy and quality of treatment.


Within stone therapy there are used the special stones, heated in a certain way, to saturate the human body with heat. Heating with stones (stone therapy) activates the body’s internal reserves, normalizes the metabolism and vitality, and improves the person immunity. Stone therapy has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, blood pressure, relieves muscle spasms and restores normal sleep.


The principle of stone therapy is that the doctor applies the heated stones on specific energy points of the body, thus giving impetus to the internal energy of human activity. The method of stone therapy, like many others of Oriental medicine, is highly efficient and, more importantly, without pain. This method is often used not only as a means of treating certain diseases, but also as prophylaxis.


It is effective the combination of stone therapy with other methods of reflexology as: acupuncture, acupressure, acutherapy, vacuum massage (vacuum therapy), heating (moxotherapy, heating with sagebrush cigars), hirudotherapy. When using the stone therapy in combination with other action methods in our Center of Chinese medicine it gets great results relating the removing of various pain syndromes and functional disorders treatment.


The stone therapy is prescribed for sprains, colitis, constipation and pain during menstruation and for varicose veins, and headaches. Particular attention it should be paid to the fact that the stone therapy is very comfortable for each patient and that the patient receives not only the restoring of health, but also a great positive energy and complete relaxation.

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