Massage is one of the most ancient kinds of therapeutic influence on human body, it appeared alongside with other kinds of oriental medicine. Massages are used in case of the majority of human pathological states and many types of diseases, especially chronic ones. TIBETMED Clinic offers various massage techniques and purposely developed exclusive massage complexes: therapeutic and prophylactic massages, full-body and local massages, massages for children and adults, classical and oriental massages, relaxing and reshaping massages.

Our main difference is the impeccable professional massage performed by specialists with medical education and extensive experience.


1 Acupressure
2 Acupressure of the feet
3 Acupressure сhildren (5-12 years)
4 Neck area massage
5 Massage for neurosis and neuropathy
6 Neck area, upper limbs and head massage
7 Back massage
8 Upper limbs, back and head massage
9 Lower limbs and back massage
10 Lumbosacral and lower extremities massage
11 Massage the back surface of the body
12 Joints massage
13 Therapeutic complex massage d-r Gansukh B.
14 Children therapeutic massage (5-10 yrs)
15 Children therapeutic massage and kinetotherapy (5-10 yrs)
16 Cerebral palsy (CP) therapeutic restorative massage
17 Cerebrovascular accident massage
18 Dynamic cupping massage
19 Kinetotherapy – therapeutic exercise, postisometric relaxation, mobilization
20 General classical massage
21 Sports massage
22 Massage for pregnant from 12 to 30 weeks (with permission OB-GYN)
23 Lymphodrainage massage
24 Antistress – relax massage
25 Bamboo – relax massage
26 Tibetan Energy – complex massage (stone therapy and vacuum therapy)
27 Bamboo Energy – complex massage (bamboo and stone therapy)
28 Stone Energy – stone therapy (hot & cold stone massage)
29 East Energy – complex massage (bamboo and herbal bags)
30 Heating Energy – complex massage (herbal bags and stone therapy)
31 Express-Stone – relax massage and stone therapy (the back surface of the body)
32 Hot Stone massage
33 Phyto – massage with herbal bags (back/ general)
34 Harmony – relax massage with elements Lomi-Lomi
35 Tui Na – therapeutic restorative massage (meridians and points)
36 Yin Yang – complex therapeutic massage: vacuum therapy, presopuncture, lymphodrainage (back/ general)
37 Hor Me – wellness complex massage (stone therapy, moxatherapy,bamboo)
38 Gratsia – anticellulite massage (on ​​problem areas, manual or dynamic vacuum)
39 Silhouette – anticellulite bamboo massage (zoned/ general)
40 Brazilian buttocks – modeling complex massage (hips and buttocks)
41 Belt of Venus – modeling massage (waist and abdomen)
42 Thai massage of feet and shins
43 Thai massage – traditional yoga-massage
44 Thai massage Imperial – traditional yoga-massage (bamboo and stone therapy) 


1 Body scrub
2 Anti-Cellulite body wraps problem areas (scrub, thermal gel, body wrap problem areas with mask)
3 Anti-Cellulite body wraps problem areas with mask (without scrub)
4 Anti-Cellulite body wraps problem areas with mask (without thermal gel)
5 SPA body wraps (scrub, total body wrap to choose)
6 Steamtherapy (in the proced.)


The cost of services, the duration of the procedure are specified by our managers
by phone 022-00-11-22, 0684-0-84-84.”

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