Manual therapy

Manual therapy – is a method of treatment in which the complex of biomechanical techniques is performed with hands, in order to eliminate the functional muscle blocks and clamps, releasing the nerves in a safe and efficient manner. Manual therapy as a healing art is one of the oldest methods of treatment and now has a great popularity among practitioners.


The essence and the specific of manual therapy is that, firstly, by simple contact with the patient the doctor can feel the resistance of the body and find out what is blocked and how occurs the disruption of function of organs and systems. Then the therapist manually determines and selects devices that are capable effectively and gently to restore the existing disorders and makes all the necessary corrections. The procedures of manual therapy is like a massage, yet differs by the fact that the parties are located and the force of action is strictly determined. The manual therapy of the spine allows obtaining the results, which through other means (including medicines), cannot be obtained. The methods of manual therapy effectively influence not only on the locomotor apparatus, but also on the function of internal organs and systems, and other tissues of the skull.

 The classification of the types of manual therapy is quite relative. Because the human body is a unique system the changes in a structure or an organ may affect the entire system or other structures. Therefore, in practice, the doctor of manual therapy may use various methods to achieve various positive results.



Manual therapy of the spine and joints

Manual therapy of the spine and joints – the treatment of locomotor apparatus diseases: spine osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis, joints and extremities osteoarthrosis, consequences of traumas, tunnel neuropathies, bearing disorders, scoliosis. The main complaints with which the patients come to manual therapy are – different nature and location pains: back pain, neck pain, “under the shoulder”, headaches, joints pain, heaviness in the lower back, shoulders, head, restriction of mobility in joints, stiffness and discomfort.

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