Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joints, which is caused by different reasons. Arthritis occurs under the influence of several factors. The most frequently there are encountered the infectious and traumatic arthritis caused by metabolic disorders, the arthritis often occurs for unknown reasons.

Arthritis: treatment in our clinic of Oriental Medicine “TibetMed”

Depending on the identified syndrome there are made the treatment of arthritis using the tools and techniques of Oriental Medicine:

  • Acupuncture (acutherapy, reflexotherapy by needle);
  • Auriculotherapy;
  • Acupressure;
  • Heating (moxotherapy, heating of sagebrush cigars);
  • Vacuum massage (massage with cupping-glass, vacuum therapy);
  • Stone therapy.

In the treatment can be used:

  • Therapy Su
  • JokAcutonics
  • Homeopathy

Principles of therapy: to ensure the permeability of canals and to eliminate the pathogenic factors. For identification of systemic diseases it should be reasonable to combine the techniques of Oriental medicine with the methods of treatment of Chinese medicine. Based on the experience of treatment of patients with arthritis, we can say that the treatment of arthritis by means of Chinese medicine in our Center of Chinese medicine overwhelmingly the results are positive.