Rejuvenation of Tibetan and Chinese medicine

It is possible to use methods of Tibetan medicine and Chinese medicine to regenerate body that would stop the aging process, what methods has proved to be effective in practice?

It is possible to rejuvenate the body? Yes.

What rejuvenation techniques have proven to be effective in practice?

The acupressure and acupuncture have a salutary effect, using the relationship of biologically active points and the body organs. The reflexotherapy or the acupuncture cures sick bodies; restores energy inside the body, helps to remove bad habits and addictions.

The moxotherapy and treatment with sagebrush cigars – heating of vital points: will enable all immune processes of the body and restore the harmony of the body.

The vacuum therapy or current vacuum massage animates all body parts blocked by deposits of fat and allows the cellulite removal and congestion and helps to renew
the skin.

The stone therapy – the stone massage is not only effective but also a very pleasant way to relax, restore harmony, strengthening the lymphatic flow and activation of immune system.