The constipation is usually called the seat delay for more than 48 hours. The constipation can accompany many diseases but there are cases when this is the only symptom. The following factors predispose to constipation: sedentary lifestyle, monotonous and refined food. The chronic constipation requires a detailed examination.

In modern medicine, depending on the kind of constipation, the treatment includes diet therapy and medicines, mainly the laxatives. Almost all of them have secondary effects. The most commonly it is the unstable seat, irritable bowels, toxicity effects of tissues and organs, mutagenic effect. It follows from this - struggling with constipation the patient gets a lot of other problems.

In Chinese medicine there are distinguished more syndromes that you can note constipations.

  1. Hyperthermia in the stomach and large intestine. Symptoms:
    • Dryness in mouth and throat.
    • Smell from the mouth.
    • Dark urine in small quantities.
    • Yellow and dry deposits on the tongue.
  2. Qi stagnation. Symptoms:
    • Feeling of fullness in the chest and ribs.
    • Eructation.
    • Feeling of fullness and distention in the abdomen.
    • Thin and fat deposits on the tongue.
  3. Qi emptiness. Symptoms:
    • Forces decrease.
    • Soft stool.
    • Sweating.
    • Fainting frequently.
    • Dyspnea.
    • Tongue pale, thin deposits.
  4. Chill in the intestines. Symptoms:
    • Difficulties with defecation.
    • Cold pains in the middle abdomen.
    • Cold legs.
    • Tongue pale, white deposits.
  5. Dryness state in the intestine. Symptoms:
    • Stool in the form of sheep feces.
    • Dry lips and dryness in the mouth.
    • Pain in the chest.
    • Food stagnation.
    • Tongue red, dark deposits.

After defining the syndrome it must be prescribed the medical procedures (acupuncture, acupressure, heating with sagebrush cigars, vacuum therapy, stone therapy, hirudotherapy and phytotherapy), advices on diet and lifestyle. Sometimes, we need additional methods of examination. With timely treatment and following the doctor's recommendations a successful result of problems solution is achieved in the most of cases.