Cholecystitis - is an inflammation of the gallbladder. The most often reasons of development of cholecystitis is the bile stagnation in the gallbladder, which occurs to the action of various negative factors on the nervous system (stress, depression, etc.), after viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases, as a complication of other diseases development of digestive system. The stagnation leads to changes of the physical and chemical composition of bile, that's why the cholecystitis is the main reason of development of cholelithiasis.

Cholecystitis, disease symptoms.

There are two types of cholecystitis: acute cholecystitis (or cholecystitis exacerbation) and chronic cholecystitis. The disease of cholecystitis is accompanied by the main symptoms: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and body temperature rise.

More symptoms of cholecystitis may be found in the section: "The symptoms of cholecystitis. Causes of disease occurrence".

Cholecystitis treatment in the clinic.

In the case of cholecystitis, the treatment in our Center of Chinese and Tibetan medicine "TibetMed" is achieved through the most effective methods of Oriental medicine. The practice of centuries of treatment of gallbladder disease suggests that the cholecystitis is subject to treatment by methods of Tibetan and Chinese medicine.

In our clinic we have accumulated an extensive experience in treating patients suffering from cholecystitis.Acupressure, heating with sagebrush cigars, acupuncture and other equally effective methods of treatment remove the symptoms, restore the bladder function, but the main thing is that they act on the cause of disease occurrence. Acting on biological active points, which are on the human body, the doctors are able to regulate the gallbladder function. In some cases, the increased muscle tone leads to the appearance of gallbladder disease; the tense gallbladder is unable to contract effectively and therefore, as a result of the treatment it is necessary to remove the tension. Sometimes, on the contrary, the gallbladder is flaccid, stretched and its force of contraction is reduced, the result of the treatment in this case should be the gallbladder activation. And most interesting is the fact that in the first and in the second cases within the treatment we use the acupressure, needle and heating, but the biological active points on the body to be used are different. During the treatment you can use another method, such as acupuncture, but it's important to mention when using the medical complex, which may include different methods (see methods of external action) that depend on the body needs the therapeutic efficacy is much higher. When prescribing herbal remedies, we not only improve the efficiency but also anchoring the results of treatment. The cause of the disease is not simply suppressed or stopped, the most important during the treatment course is to restore the harmony and energy balance, which is the key for your health.

The forecasts are quite favorable. Even in very advanced cases of cholecystitis the positive results of treatment and the health improvement are possible thanks to the experts of the Center of Oriental medicine "TibetMed".