The syndrome of chronic fatigue (SCF) - a fairly common disease of the present time, the development of which is primarily due to the peculiarities of modern life in the big cities, to the lifestyle in the developed countries and to the adverse health and environmental conditions, as well to the emotional and mental stress of the contemporary people.

Firstly the treatment of depression, neurosis, phobias, panic attacks should begin with a consultation of the professional psychotherapist. The psychological consultation and therapy is a process in which the patient focuses on his hidden emotions, acquires the ability to work with them.

How to lose weight is a hot topic for many people today. How to lose weight without diet? How to choose a diet to lose weight? What exercises are necessary for weight loss? Sedentary lifestyle, excessive caloric intake, ecology, aggravated problems of metabolic processes, genetic predisposition and other factors leading to the overweight.

It is possible to use methods of Tibetan medicine and Chinese medicine to regenerate body that would stop the aging process, what methods has proved to be effective in practice?