A cute dysfunction of cerebral blood circulation whose symptoms do not regress in 24 hours has named the cerebro-vascular accident or stroke. There are several types of cerebro-vascular accidents; the most characteristic symptom of the majority is hemiplegia (paralysis of a part of the body). The cause of cerebro-vascular accidents is actually the existing chronic diseases of internal organs, resulting from the high arterial blood pressure. In Chinese medicine there are distinguished two types of syndromes:

1. Cerebro-vascular accident with canals injury. Mild stroke. Symptoms:

  • Hemiplegia.
  • Consciousness is affected slightly (numbness).
  • Deformation of the mouth corner.
  • Speech disorder.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Dizziness.
  • White spots on the tongue.

Treatment and rehabilitation after stroke:

Treatment and rehabilitation after the cerebro-vascular accident is directed to ensure the canals way and to eliminate the disease symptoms.

2. Cerebro-vascular accident with injury of Zang-Fu organs. Severe form of stroke. Symptoms:

  • Impaired consciousness (stop, coma).
  • Hemiplegia.
  • Breathing sonorous wheezing.
  • Defecation, missing urination.
  • Face is red.
  • Thick sticky patches on the tongue.

Treatment and rehabilitation after the cerebro-vascular accident:

The principle of treatment and recovery after the cerebro-vascular accident: to bring the patient into consciousness, to lower fever, to descend Qi.

The sooner is started the treatment of stroke the better is the prognosis for recovery. In everyday practice to a doctor of Chinese medicine the patients addressed after the acute period of disease: but nevertheless it is not a treatment for stroke in the acute phase of illness, but recovery and rehabilitation after a stroke, often - about the prevention of stroke. In the case of patient's health recovery after an acute phase of the disease and as a prevention of cerebro-vascular accident in our clinic of oriental medicine are used the methods of Chinese medicine: acupuncture, acupressure and phytotherapy that provides a good long-term therapeutic effect. The physiotherapy has a very important role during the rehabilitation after the cerebro-vascular accident.