A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

On this site you will find the answer to why the alternate way, which we offer for your recovery is the most effective.

The methods of Oriental Medicine have been used for more than four thousand years, and many experts think they are an excellent way to recovery health, as well as getting out of the causes of many diseases.

Why Oriental Medicine is right for you?

  1. For each patient we are using individual treatment modes.
  2. We run active processes of recovery and self-regulation within a very short period of time. It is necessary to take into account that the Oriental Medicine is based on the principles of care throughout the body, rather than solely treating the disease.
  3. We treat the person, not a disease, because we believe that the cause of all ills is hidden in the very essence of man. Bad habits, nervous states, irregular nutrition - all this is generated by ourselves.
  4. We strive for the liberation of all diseases of the body. This will release the related energy it takes to resist the pain.
  5. We are restoring the proper functioning of internal organs and proportional flow of energy in the body.

The common man is not able to independently perform these complex procedures, so we offer quality services of our professionals.

The specialists of the Clinic of Oriental Medicine "Tibetmed" are qualified doctors: they have higher medical education, knowledge and skills to engage in Oriental Medicine, numerous diplomas and certificates attesting their experience and skills. Our doctors are constantly raise their qualifications, they complete their practical skills at Oriental Medicine Foremen and Masters and study abroad.

We guarantee a treatment that meets all sanitary and hygiene requirements, and use only certified herbals, materials and tools.

All in the clinic creates a favorable background for treatment. You will be met friendly and will plunge into the world of good, comfort and cozy interior. Serenity, tranquility and a positive attitude, obtained in the course of treatment - it's what we give to our clients.